Pressure Transmitters for Wind Turbine Applications, Type MBS 8200 and MBS 8250

  • MBS 8200 is a series of compact pressure transmitters developed to withstand the pressure pulsations and vibrations known in wind turbine applications.

    A new technology combining piezo resistive sensor element and programmable gain amplifiers makes the MBS 8200 the obvious choice for applications demanding highest accuracy and insensitiveness against temperature variations. Further this technology enhances the functional safety by limiting the output signal at excess pressure conditions, it allows excellent sink/source capabilities and it leave the pressure transmitters unaffected by electromagnetic fields up to 100 V/m.

    MBS 8250 with integrated pulse-snubber is designed for use in hydraulic applications with severe media influences like cavitation, liquid hammer or pressure peaks, and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions. 


    • Designed for use in harsh industrial environments 
    • EMC protection 100 V/m 
    • ƒFor media and ambient temperatures up to 125 °C 
    • Reverse polarity protected 
    • Version with integrated pulse-snubber. 
    • Protected against cavitation, liquid hammering and pressure peaks 
    • Enclosure and wetted parts of AISI 316L 
    • Digitally temperature calibrated 
    • RoHS conformity


  • Product Ordering Key

    Non-standard build-up combinations may be selected. However, minimum order quantities may apply.
    Please contact your local Danfoss Office for further information.


  • MBS 8200 pressure transmitter - Danfoss

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