Pressure Transmitter with Ratiometric Output Signal, Type AKS 32R and AKS 2050

  • AKS 32R is a ratiometric pressure transmitter that converts the measured pressure to a linear output signal. The min. value of the output signal is less than10% of the actual supply voltage. The max. value is more than 90% of the actual supply voltage.
    At a supply voltage of 5 V, the output signal is:

    • ƒƒ0.5 V at min pressure range 
    • ƒƒ4.5 V at max. pressure range


    The robust design and the ratiometric output signal makes the transmitter suitable for systems together with ratiometric A/D converters within a number of fields: ƒ 


    • A/C systems 
    • ƒRefrigeration plant 
    • ƒƒCO2 plant 
    • ƒƒProcess control 
    • Laboratories 

    AKS 2050 is identical to AKS 32R but for high pressure and with pulse-snubber in the pressure connection.


    • Highly developed sensor technology means great regulation accuracy. 
    • Selective temperature compensation 
    • Compatible with all refrigerants incl. ammonia and CO2
    • Built-in voltage stabilizer 
    • Effective protection against moisture 
    • Robust construction gives protection against mechanical influences such as shock, vibration, and pressure surge 
    • EMC protected in accordance with the EU 
    • EMC-directive (CE-marked). 
    • Polarity protected inlets 
    • ƒOutput signal specially adjusted to ratiometric A/D-converters. 
    • Sealed gauge measuring principle


    Approvals & certificates

    • UL


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